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New weblogs for Sofortbild and TiltShift

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

I finally created weblogs for Sofortbild and TiltShift. I should have done that a lot earlier but I never imagined that those projects would evolve into actual products. I also moved all related posts and comments to the new weblogs, so you will not find anything related to those projects in my personal weblog anymore.

Sofortbild Weblog
TiltShift Weblog

In the future I will try to keep the posting here more personal.

Barcode iPhone App Open Source Update

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Sorry everybody who asked for the source code. I removed it from Google Code a while ago without mentioning it here, after a friend of mine decided to take over the project. Unfortunately he did not find time to work on it either.

A few days ago I finally removed the application from sale in the iOS App Store since it just does not work anymore as expected. The application has not been updated since iOS 2.1 and thus there are some things that do not work on iOS 4 or 5.

I personally still do not have any time to fix the application, so instead I put it on GitHub for you to fork.

Aurora Screen Saver for Mac OS X

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I used the code from the application mentioned in the previous post and made a Mac OS X screen saver. Please note that you need Snow Leopard to use it because no earlier version supports multi-touch.

Since I am using mouse and trackpad input you have to press any button to quit the screen saver.


Snow Leopard multi-touch Application

Monday, October 19th, 2009

So everybody is talking about Windows 7 coming out on Thursday. One of the major features is multi-touch.

Well, of course that is true, but don’t we have that in Leopard already? Sure, Leopard has just gestures but isn’t that what most applications need? (I am excluding the famous multi-touch photo applications that are fun to use for about an hour but honestly are not very productive.)

Now Windows 7 has also direct touch through several hardware products. Again, it is fun to use this for about an hour. But after that you use your mouse again.

So the question is, do we need more than gestures on a desktop computer? Well, in most cases probably not. But still there might be a few situations where this could be handy.

But did you know that Snow Leopard (which is available since about two months) has this as well? Sure there are no input devices for the Mac yet which let you use direct touch, but the trackpad in all the new Macbook (Pro) models has a multi-touch trackpad that is capable to recognize more than four touches (which is currently the limit on all hardware devices for Windows 7) which you can use to do some fun stuff.

To demonstrate what you can do already today without any further hardware or special SDK I wrote a small application that you can try out. Launch the application and generate some touches on your glass trackpad. For the full experience enter full screen mode.


Barcode iPhone App Open Source

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This might be one of the last blog posts about by iPhone barcode application. I finally decided to upload the source to Google Code to make it available for anybody who is interested.

The reason is simply I don’t have time to work on it further. I didn’t since about a year now and it does not look like I will have time in the next months.

The code is basically the same as in the version available in the App Store with a few additions that should have been in the next version.

I heard a few complains that the application won’t work in a few situations on phones running iPhone OS 3.0. So if there is anybody who likes to take the code and update it to the latest APIs please let me now.

Also, if someone wants to contribute to this application – I have a couple of cool ideas that might make this app into a really awesome application – please drop me a line. I can then still upload newer versions to the App Store.

Otherwise feel free to use the code for your own projects. I don’t know much about those Open Source licenses so I just picked the first one. I personally don’t really care about this all different licenses, just make sure that you don’t do something illegal while using my code since I am using two other open source projects with different licenses.

Update: The source code is now available on GitHub.