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iPhone Barcode App v0.3

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I uploaded the new version of the iPhone Barcode App yesterday. It’s currently in review. Unfortunately I don’t know how long this will take this time. As I promised here are more screenshots and a feature list.

Important 1: Some of you might still complain about the bad quality of the iPhone camera. Small barcode like 1cm x 1cm usually won’t work. I can’t do much to make this working. If you encounter barcodes that can’t be read the first time, try to scale the image up or down and try it again. In most cases it will work then. Please be sure, your barcode is inside of the red rectangle because the image will be cropped before it gets decoded.

Important 2: I had some cases during testing that the app crashed after pressing the save button of the photo picker. This might happen to you too. Unfortunately I can’t do anything to prevent this behaviour. The app crashes, before my code is called again. The current OS is unfortunately still buggy. So please don’t blame me for that. But I would be happy if you still report me such bugs.


Barcode App now featuring QR Code

Monday, July 28th, 2008

As I announced last week, the iPhone barcode app now decodes QR Codes as well. I also added some more features that most of you requested. Mario is currently doing the graphics for the new user interface which should be ready tomorrow. I will then do a private beta with some friends and if there are no serious bugs, I will upload the new version to the App Store tomorrow evening.

iPhone Camera Issues

Friday, July 25th, 2008

I get a lot of negative feedback concerning the bad quality of the iPhone camera. Unfortunately there is no auto- or manualfocus that we could use. I already had to cancel a really cool OCR application because of that. I’ve talked to some iPhone engineers during the WWDC about this topic. They first claimed that everything is fine. As I mentioned the fact that we would like to take sharp pictures of really small objects like text or barcodes, they said they will note that as a feature request. So please don’t complain here or in the App Store about this issue but address Apple.

Besides that I think I found a good solution for the Barcode app that compensates the lack of a autofocus a bit, so you will be hopefully able to decode more barcodes, even if they are tiny.

Barcode App Feedback

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Thanks everyone who posted a feedback. First of all I would like to make clear that I’m not a barcode guru. I wrote this app two days after the iPhone SDK was available. In May I gave a “how-to program a iPhone DataMatrix reader” presentation on a CocoaHeads meeting. I haven’t done much on the app since then except some small fixes that were necessary after Mike updated his DataMatrix library that I’m using.

Barcode iPhone App available in App Store

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

After several attempts my iPhone Barcode App is finally available in the App Store. I actually added the app to the Store during the WWDC and so it must have been one of the first submissions. Unfortunately I could not upload the binary then. So A few days before the official launch could upload the compiled app. Somehow Apple decided to change the process for building binaries almost every singe day. So it was no fun to actually upload the app to the App Store. I hope this process will be easier in the future.